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Most recent Patch : V1.008 (05/06/2020). Patches are described below.


Puppy Cross is a nonogram and care game, revolving around cute dogs! Solve more than a hundred puzzles to unlock content for your garden: Toys, Dogs, Decorative items. Customize your little space and give it personality!

By unlocking the "Dalmatian" mode you will be able to play endlessly on randomized grids. Send your favourite grids' seeds to your friends and race for the best time.

Hours of fun and cuteness await you!

Patch le plus récent  : V1.008 (06/05/2020). Description des patchs plus bas sur la page.


Puppy Cross est un jeu de nonogram doublé d'un care game, sur le thème des chiens. Remplissez une centaine de grilles afin de débloquer du contenu pour votre "aire de jeu" (jouets, chiens, objets de décoration). Vous pourrez personnaliser ce petit havre de paix comme vous le souhaitez et créer un espace qui vous ressemble !

En débloquant le mode "Dalmatien" vous pourrez jouer à l'infini sur des grilles aléatoires. Il vous sera même possible d'envoyer les seeds de vos grilles préférées à vos ami(e)s et ainsi comparer votre chrono.

D'innombrables heures de casse-têtes et de mignonitude vous attendent !


Patch List :

- V1.008 (05/06/2020)
A new button "Delete All" can be accessed in the garden when the inventory is open. It will delete all the items from a single zone at once.
Dogs will now carry the toys randomly, to make the garden a little more dynamic.

-V1.007 (02/25/2020)
"Ordered" method for greying out hints is now the "default" method for newcomers since it is much less confusing. Its autofill has been improved for the occasion.
New method for greying out hints: "Progressive (Hints)". It is a variant of the normal Progressive method (now dubbed "Progressive (Series)" except the game now looks at the hints themselves before looking at the grid to see if some series match, whereas before it looked at the series BEFORE trying to fit them among the hints.
Hovering over an item in the inventory now prompts its name to appear.
New option: "Overfill Warning" has the hints become red if there are two many black cells in a single line or column. If "Colour-Blind" is active, the hints will shake instead.
Most "spritefont" texts have been replaced with normal "Text" objects, which should make them more scalable and reduce artifacts

- V1.006 (02/19/2020)
Fixed : volume slider bug, specifically in dalmatian mode.

- V1.005 (02/18/2020)
Fixed: the new "Ordered" greying method was not functioning properly in some specific situations

- V1.004 (02/18/2020)
Improvement to the Pathfinding's map obstacle regeneration. Attempt at fixing a bug where dogs could sometimes go through solid obstacles without thinking twice about it.

- V1.003 (02/17/2020).
New option "Greyed out clues: Ordered". This will change the way the game greys out clues while the player is completing a grid. If active, only the series connected to one side of the grid (either by a black cell or a cross) will cause the clues to grey out. For some players this could prove more confortable and reduce involuntary mistakes. - New option "Colour-Blind". This underlines the clues >10 instead of making them green. For some Colour-Blind players, the green appeared grey and this caused misunderstandings.
Fixed: the "Quit game" button would not reappear after a grid from the Credits section had been played
Fixed: Seeds would not display correctly if one opened the dalmatian mode, went back to the home menu and then back again to the dalmatian mode.
Fixed: 2 typos in the French translation

- V1.002 (02/12/2020). Fixes a displaying bug with one success (Imagine Interior Designer) and add extra security to avoid dogs walking with the wrong animation in the garden.

- V1.001 (02/11/2020). Fixes a "teleporting" bug when a solid item was dropped in the play area

Updated 12 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorDev Du Dimanche
Tagscare, cross, Dogs, nonogram, puppy


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Hello Nicole!

For the first patch we uploaded manually a new build, but you CAN get back your old savefile by Copying the "SaveFiles" folder in the old version of your game and Paste it in the new folder.

We now have learnt how to use the auto updater, so if you have the Itch app it should now update automatically and normally it shouldn't erase your savefiles.

This was a trial and error process and we're super sorry for the inconvenience :/ 

Glad you're enjoying the game overall <3


ah, thank you so much for responding! i figured it's a one time thing but wanted to let you know, just in case ^^

thank you for making this game! <3

i love this!!!

would it be possible to make future patches not erase game progress? kinda annoying to have to replay the first bunch of super easy puzzles, along with the tutorial.  ^^;